Wynndogg CD combines entertaining beats, clever lyrics

Jason Wynn, a.k.a. “Wynndogg,” produced a new album, “Movin’ On.” With 18 tracks plus a secret track, the CD is bound to appeal to all types of rap listeners. Wynndogg combines entertaining beats and clever lyrics. Featured on the album are Gen (John Boyd), Erect (Ryan Sloan), and Snoopy D (a friend of Wynndogg). They all rap on beats laid down by Wynn.

The album contains tracks that are less than upbeat. However, it does contain some socially active songs such as “Being Attacked,” which discusses the September 11 Hijackings. “How nice it is to live with peace every day, but we only realize when they take it away,” Erect says. In the song “Life,” Wynndogg has “doubts about my future and my education.”

Gen, Erect, and Snoopy D are all good additions to the album. “I’ve been pure hell ever since I was semen, my mother’s sonogram showed the image of a demon,” rages Gen in “I’m Crazy.” They are all crazy and “Ruff, Rugged and Raw.”

Wynndogg doesn’t care about “Ice and Sh*t;” he can defeat you while driving a “snow plow.” He also knows that his tracks will get you off your tush and make you start “Jouncin’.”

In the track “I Don’t Think It’s Dirty Dogg,” Wynndogg says, “I ain’t never been better.” So, find Wynndogg in C12 in Bryan hall and ask if you can buy a copy of his new album. There has never been a better deal than this CD, which is definitely worth the five dollars that it costs.