Music Majors and Stakk Chat with Stuart Malina

The Lighter side of Stuart Malina
By Susan RahmsdorffThose who attended Convocation on September 11 heard Stuart Malina, the outgoing conductor of the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra, speak on music in times of crisis. He gave a moving speech and despite some technical problems his musical representations of times of trouble were well chosen and deeply emotional.
But earlier in the day, some of Guilford’s Music Majors and Faculty were privileged to hear Malina speak on a much lighter subject; his collaboration with rock-and-roll legend Billy Joel and world famous choreographer Twyla Tharp on a brand-new Dance/Musical called Movin’ Out.
For an hour and a half, Malina discussed the trials and triumphs of rearranging Billy Joel’s classic rock and roll, along with his new Classical piano music, into a comprehensive Broadway-ready show. He talked about the hardships of being away from his family, and the thrills of working with such world class musicians and dancers. Malina’s candid quips and descriptive answers to questions posed by students and staff gave a clear idea of the challenges and thrills of working in musical theater today. His enjoyment of this wonderful opportunity was clearly visible as he spoke of meeting Billy Joel and working with the dancers, choreographers and musicians to refine the show; from it’s premier run in Chicago which ended last week, to the Broadway opening which is scheduled for September 31.