Amigos fantastical fun fiesta

Great food, cheap booze, pleasant atmosphere, and friendly service. These are the things that make Amigos a night out worth spending. Amigos is a Mexican restaurant behind Quaker Village. With the average dish costing less than seven bucks, Amigos is an inexpensive yet worthwhile place to eat.Many Guilford students go to Amigos, especially on the weekends, making it a fun place just to hang out. Other nights are not as lively, yet the place still maintains a steady flow of customers, creating a comfortable atmosphere for just about anyone.

The service is friendly. Despite a pretty severe language barrier, the waiters and waitresses are still extremely helpful and efficient. Yet the food is the best aspect of the whole night.

I ordered a steak burrito and a chicken and cheese enchilada. The enchilada cost $2.10 and was pretty good. It had a thick, moist corn tortilla casing, filled with many tiny strips of juicy chicken, onions, and peppers. The inside was also flavored with a red, zesty chili sauce, which was spicy but not hot.

The burrito was on a whole different level. With a thinner, flour tortilla and topped with melted cheese, it was filled with juicy, tender marinated steak strips, onions, tomatoes, and a sharp white cheese sauce with jalapeno peppers to add to the flavor. The combination of the deeply marinated steak strips, the fresh-tasting onions and tomatoes, and the distinct flavor of the white cheese sauce with jalapenos made my taste buds erupt with a passion usually reserved for my mom’s home cooking. It was huge and only cost about $8.50.

There is something for everyone at Amigos. They serve a variety of dishes, ranging from tacos, fajitas and quesadillas to grilled chicken, steak and seafood.

For all you vegetarians out there, don’t worry. Amigos has a whole section of their menu devoted to different types of vegetarian specialties. And not everything is spicy, either; there is a good variety of both spicy and mild foods.

Needless to say, I was satisfied. Amigos is definitely a place I want to go back to. For those people over 21, Amigos is a good place to sit back and have a Bud. The bar is small, yet well- lit and attractive, with plenty of variety and a friendly bartender. They serve gigantic pitchers of beer, ranging from Michelob Lite to Budweiser, for only $6.25 each.

And for those people who are looking to get totally trashed, Amigos serves 12-ounce margaritas for only $4.25. And if you’re trying to get completely inebriated, you can get a humungous 44-ounce Margarita for only $9.50! In any case, if you’re just looking to go out and have a good time, Amigos is the place.