“The silent killer”

To many Americans hypertension may not be a major concern when it comes to their health. Mainly, because many Americans do not know that hypertension is one of Americas leading killers.Hypertension is also known as “the silent killer” because it has no symptoms but yet is the primary cause for stroke, heart disease, heart failure, kidney disease, blindness, and impotency. But what can we do to recognize or slow down this “silent killer” that attacks one in every four American adults? We, as a people, can become better educated so that we may learn how to prevent or treat hypertension.

There are many ways for us to obtain knowledge about hypertension, such as classes, counseling, web sites, books, magazines and journals. If we become better educated and more concerned about our health, then hypertension and other illnesses will not affect our nation so greatly.

Being educated about this “silent killer” would decrease the rate of fatalities that have occurred due to hypertension. These pieces of education can help people who are trying to prevent hypertension not get it or people, who already have it, treat it.

If we take the time to educate ourselves about health issues than we, as a nation, will be healthier. Lack of knowledge is just an open door for treatable illness such as, hypertension.