Perspective on prospectives

You never know the truth of a situation until you have experienced it from both sides. Last year I came to Guilford as a prospective student, which made me nervous.

The most comforting thing was when we played “Catch Phrase6 ”because I had recently played it on a couple of trips with friends from home.

I was a host for the first open house on Monday Oct. 8.

This made me a little apprehensive as well. However, I knew that my prospective might be anxious and it was my job to make her feel at home here.

Although I had not been sure how to handle the situation at first, I found that it was something that came easily for me.

We just talked and hung out, like you would with any friend. It was actually really fun.

She had gotten up at three that morning to fly here from visiting a school in Florida. In spite of that, she was still pleasant.

I am glad that there are still genuinely nice people out there.

Sometimes I think that I do not want to have outside people around because that would just be weird.

How would I feel about showing someone else my world? I soon found that I did not mind a bit and even enjoyed it.

We watched Sixteen Candles with some other prospectives. I had not seen the film previously and she was happy because it is her favorite movie.

It was also interesting to find out that a similar experience had happened to her when she was 16. Not the family forgetting about her birthday, but meeting a senior at a football game and dating him – a storybook kind of romance.

On Monday morning, we went to breakfast and made waffles. I had just made one for the first time the day before. It was another ordinary adventure; those are sometimes the best kind.

Before she went off to do her open-house events, she thanked me for being “normal.” I think that is a good sign of how it went.

Sharing my life with other people is not what I would have thought of previously as the best, but it turned out great.

In the end, I feel like both experiences included the right activities to make everyone happy, which is essential.

Editor’s note: Guilford College hosts another open house for prospective students this weekend.