Women Lacrosse “gettng better

Before each home game, chants resound through the Bryan quad as the Women’s Lacrosse team marches through on their way to the field. The long-standing tradition pumps up the athletes, solicits student support, and, above all else, expresses solidarity.

“There’s definitely a connection you can feel when we get on the field,” said sophomore Katie Rice, one of five players with a variation of the name “Kate.”

The bond is built by months of pre-season training, a spring break team trip to Myrtle Beach, hours of practice and traditions such as “secret sister,” in which players secretly exchange gifts on the bus ride to away games. With Rice temporarily sidelined due to a fractured ankle, the team must work through games without any subs. The team attitude values the kind of teamwork that encourages and supports individual efforts.

This season brought a new coaching staff, Head Coach Tara Caminiti-Raggett and Assistant Coach Tanya Tanhehco. Three seniors share the position of captain: Abigail Weiner, Kate Allen and Mary Kate Allee. The three have seen the coaching staff change several times and are thus accustomed to maintaining leadership roles within the team.

“Being captain has given me a new leadership role with more responsibility,” Allee said. “I have to be in tune with each individual and where they are with lacrosse as a whole.”
Allee advocates supporting the younger players as they get incorporated into the program. The team displays this support on and off the field. First-year player Lauren Goodwin stepped into the goal after picking up a lacrosse stick for the first time.
“I was a little nervous at first,” Goodwin said, “but it helps to have a team that communicates so well.”

Weiner commended Goodwin’s progress while noting the overall improvement of the team. While the current 2-8 record indicates some improvement over last year’s 1-13 record, a closer look at the statistics shows more considerable development. Half-way through the season the Quakers have already doubled their average points scored per game, surpassing last season’s total.

“We’re all good and we’re all getting better,” Weiner said. “Our stats show that we are progressing — regardless of the score on the board.”

Editor’s Note: Guilford lost to visiting Roanoke Tuesday, 17-2. Seniors Kate Allen and Abbey Weiner scored for the Quakers while rookie goalie Lauren Goodwin made nine saves.