News In Brief


The Australian Conservation Foundation challenged an India-backed coal mine on Nov. 9, insisting the mine is a threat to the Great Barrier Reef. The project, which is  worth $11.6 billion, is based in Queensland, and has been criticized by Australian environmentalists. Many argue that the coal produced by the mine contributes to global warming in multiple ways. According to Yahoo Finance, the ACF filed papers with the Federal Court to reverse Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s decision to approve the mine.


Myanmar had a historic parliamentary election on Nov. 9, removing many members of the current military regime, which lost more seats than it won in the election according to CNN, and electing members of the National League for Democracy. The party won 80 percent of the vote altogether. Over half of the representatives in the national parliament were elected, with 186 seats reserved for military appointees. This election is being called the freest in decades for Myanmar.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia contributed to the U.N. climate rescue pact on Nov. 10. Saudi Arabia is currently the world’s largest producer of crude oil. It was the last country to submit a proposal to the U.N. before the climate summit in Paris takes place later this month, according to The Guardian. Over 150 other countries have now contributed to an accord that will hopefully be struck in December. The 150 countries emit over 90 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases.


United States

Donald Trump decided to weigh in on the Starbucks cup controversy in an Illinois speech on Nov. 9, insisting that because Starbucks rid themselves of the snowflakes and ornaments on their newest cup design, that the organization must be boycotted. Some right-wing Christians have already weighed in, insisting that this is Starbucks way of getting rid of the joy of Christmas, according to The Washington Post. Currently, Trump still has a Starbucks shop inside Trump Tower.