World & Nation News in Brief


In Iceland, France and other countries around the world, families are opening their doors to thousands of refugee families. The migrants are coming from countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Iraq. Many are staying at a transit camp in Hungary before they are carried to safe homes. In Austria, over 16 thousand migrants are looking for places to stay. Even more are in Germany. Not every country in the EU is opening their doors, however. Denmark is restricting social benefits for migrants to discourage refugees from traveling there, and Hungary recently erected a barbed wire fence.

New Zealand

A young adult novel called “Into the River” by Ted Dawe has been taken out of circulation in New Zealand. Family First, a family advocacy group, claims the book contains sexual language that is too strong and covers inappropriate topics. The group itself did not insist on the ban, only an age restriction, but parents that spoke to National Director at Family First Bob McCoskrie insisted. Individuals who display the book anywhere in New Zealand can be fined nearly 2 thousand USD. Companies can be fined over 6 thousand USD.

California, USA

Earlier this month in Los Angeles, California, several dogs were found with chemical burns all over their backs. Though most of the dogs injured were pit bulls, there were several other breeds, including one golden retriever. Because the injuries are all so similar and so close together, police suspect one person or one group of people is responsible. According to L.A. County animal control, there have never been this many animals injured in such a short amount of time by one person. L.A. County officials have approved a $25 thousand reward for the culprit.


Last Tuesday, Iraqi Acting Deputy Justice Minister Abdel Karim Faris, the Director General of Justice and a bodyguard were kidnapped at gunpoint in Northern Baghdad in Banook as four black SUVs blocked the official vehicle. The driver was shot and wounded in the process. The abduction came four days after 18 construction employees were seized by gunmen in Sadr city. There is still no evidence that the two incidents were related. The gunmen are still unidentified. There is no further information.