Lit on the Lawn: Greenleaf Review is launched


If you like to be dragged into different worlds at the same time and enjoy art as well as writing, then the Greenleaf Review is everything you are looking for.

Guilford College’s literary magazine celebrated another successful year on April 22 in front of Founders Hall at an event called Lit on the Lawn. Students were attracted by free ice cream, food, drinks and great music that fit perfectly with the gorgeous weather.

“We’re all really excited about getting the magazine done,” said junior and Co-Editor in Chief Katie Fullerton. “We’ve been working on it specifically for pretty much all of the semester.”

The Greenleaf Review is completely student produced and published, which gives the staff all the liberty they need to learn hands-on.

“We gain a sense of independence, but we’re also contributing to the literary community at Guilford,” said junior and publicist Addy Allred. “This work really puts us on the map and turns us into a school that’s dedicated to our students but also dedicated to making this campus better.”

In 2015, the number of submissions increased significantly compared to past years.

“We’ve had maybe 200 entries to look at,” said junior and Co-Managing Editor Katie Holland. “We have to find (what goes well) together, so some things that we absolutely fall in love with don’t end up in the magazine.”

This magazine is centered on poetry, art and prose. The pieces address different themes and stories.

“We have some (pieces dedicated) to somebody and some (that) are very light, airy and just fun,” said junior and staff member Amanda Libby. “We also have short stories that can be funny, but also rather dark.”

To become part of the staff, enrolling in ENGL 275: Literary Magazine Practicum is required. The course is offered every spring semester.

The idea to turn the making of a magazine into a real class originated from a group of students.

“When I came to campus four years ago it was just a few students huddled in a corner making a magazine,” said Assistant Professor of English and Greenleaf Review faculty advisor Mylène Dressler. “Then, they came up with the idea of turning it into a class and getting people more involved, creating events around the magazine like our writing retreat, our readings and now Lit on the Lawn.”

The practicum allows students to explore multiple parts of the creative process.

“You get the chance to (try) different (positions),” said senior Faith Krech. “I was the poetry editor, but I also went to a few of the layout meetings.”

Being part of the staff does not prevent one from submitting a piece of writing or art, as Krech and Allred did.

“There are some students who we might know or talk to every day, but we don’t know this part of them and this is really important,” said sophomore and staff member Eliana Weiner, who also submitted to the magazine.

Now, they want to encourage other students to do the same in the upcoming year.

“Everyone should apply,” said senior Raina Martens, who submitted a beautiful photograph to the magazine. “It’s a chance to have your work shared with the rest of the Guilford community.”

You can find copies of the Greenleaf Review in Founders Hall, Hege Library and other places on campus.

“I’m so impressed by the growth of this organization,” said Dressler. “This year the students took it to the last level.”