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Becca Stevens talks Thistle Farms with Guilford community

October 31, 2018

As the first part of Guilford’s speaker series on women and economic development, on Monday, Oct. 1, Founder and President of Thistle Farms Becca Stevens discussed with the Guilford community the impacts...

Art faculty close out HERstory month

April 13, 2018

Since spring break, the Boren Lounge of Founders Hall has been decorated with Visiting Lecturer for Art Katy Collier’s work. “This room was not beautiful, and it is really beautiful now,” said...

Guilford celebrates Women’s History Month

March 23, 2018

“When women tell their stories, other women sometimes can raise their voices as well,” said Associate Professor of English Mylène Dressler. Dressler, along with other Guilford faculty members,...

Yoga session empowers patrons

March 16, 2018

“Our intention here today is to be open and accepting of what the universe has to offer,” said yoga instructor Leanne Pizio. Pizio led the yoga session hosted by the JPS 350 course, “Women, Crime...

Guilford College News in Brief

Guilford College Logo
January 19, 2018

Campus Kwanzaa Celebration On Thursday, Jan. 11, the Friends Center and the Multicultural Education Department hosted a Kwanzaa celebration for Guilford students, faculty and staff. The...

Reporting for the Pulitzer Center – Praveena Somasundaram

Ramya, who married her uncle at age 14, in her home in Athimoor. Image by Praveena Somasundaram. India, 2017. Pulitzer Center.
August 9, 2017

Praveena Somasundaram is a rising senior in The Early College at Guilford program. She is the features editor of The Guilfordian, Guilford College’s award-winning student newspaper. Praveena...

Students share stories at Womyn with a Y

Talk-back after Womyn with a Y performance.
February 17, 2017

“I think people should come see this play because it’ll make you really uncomfortable,” said senior Jocelyn Foshay. Foshay was a director and performer for “Womyn with a Y,” a series of monologues...

‘The Vagina Monologues’: diversity and womanhood

February 19, 2016

Women dressed in black and red spread around the room looking focused and excited as the audience sat in anticipation in Bryan Jr. Auditorium waiting for the show to begin. “The Vagina Monologues”...

Guilford should implement St. Mary’s plan to fix wage gap

Guilford should implement St. Mary’s plan to fix wage gap
October 24, 2014

Equality. Community.  Integrity.  Those are just some of the Quaker values that Guilford lives by. Given those values, how could we still have a gender wage gap? This isn’t purely a Guilford issue....

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