The Guilfordian

New strand of influenza impacts students

Annette Varghese, Staff Writer

March 15, 2019

Usually, the seasonal winter flu would peak at this time in the year, however, officials are worried by the news of a new and deadlier swine flu strain that is becoming widespread in 48 states. Nationwide, there have been 26.3 million flu-like illnesses, 12.4 million medical visits and 347,000 flu hospital...

Congo fights Ebola Outbreak

Annette Varghese, Staff Writer

November 16, 2018

Nearly 200 people have died in the recent Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since the outbreak began, it has also spread to several neighboring countries, including Uganda and Angola. The World Health Organization has named this epidemic as a soon-to-be pandemic and recommends travelers...

Get rid of loopholes for vaccinations

Get rid of loopholes for vaccinations

Lily Lou, Staff Writer

February 20, 2015

A disease once eliminated in the United States has reemerged. Last year there were 644 measles cases in the U.S., and this January 102 cases have already emerged. The best way to prevent outbreaks is through state requirements on vaccinations. Before the measles vaccine existed, almost every person...