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The iconic Attack on Titan title card still appears on every episode.

Anime Sundays keep fans watching — and waiting

Sabrina Lavine, Staff Writer February 13, 2022

Sundays are the new Fridays to every anime fan out there. Right now, two of the hottest animes are releasing a single episode every Sunday, and for those six days between the releases, the community...

First Impressions of the Mandalorian season two

Ethan DeLiso, Staff Writer November 12, 2020

Last Friday, Oct. 30, the popular live-action series “The Mandalorian” kicked off its second season with an episode titled “Chapter 9: The Marshall.” As with the first season, there was very little...

Season 2 of The Boys continues to please

Liam Connolly, Staff Writer October 15, 2020

Last year, Amazon’s adaption of “The Boys” began streaming to both critical and commercial success. I had long since been a fan of the original comics and was blown away by how much the show got...

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