The Guilfordian

Residents of Nabi Saleh encounter challenges

Spencer File, Guest Writer

April 13, 2018

For many, a home signifies a place of sanctuary and security. But for the people of Nabi Saleh, a Palestinian village, home has never been like that due to Israeli military occupation of the area. Currently, the inhabitants of Nabi Saleh face the inevitable discrimination and presence of the military...

Thousands harmed in major Bolivian floods

Allison Stalberg, Staff Writer

February 14, 2014

The Bolivian government recently announced a state of national emergency after months of heavy rain caused severe flooding and landslides, devastating thousands of families. People, their homes, and chunks of land have been swept away by the increasing flash floods. And it’s not about to stop. “Several...

News in Brief

Rishab Revankar, World & Nation Writer

November 8, 2013

Toronto, Canada  Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dodged allegations of crack cocaine use for months. On Monday, Nov. 4, Ford made an admission to reporters outside his office. “You didn’t ask the correct questions,” Ford said, referring to his previous denial of drug use. “No, I’m not an addict...