The Guilfordian

Legislation passed on college athlete compensation

Mary Pyles, Staff Writer November 11, 2019

On Sep. 30, 2019, California passed a state law forbidding colleges from punishing college athletes for acquiring money for using their name or image. This law will go into effect in Jan. 2023.  Currently,...

An early wish list for Jane Fernandes’s presidency

Editorial Board September 18, 2015

Dear Jane,   Congratulations on your inauguration. We appreciate the work you have already done in balancing our budget and getting involved in student life here on campus. We look forward to...

Despite low salaries, why do professors stick around?

Brittany Murdock, Staff Writer March 29, 2013

They grade our last-minute typed papers, prepare countless PowerPoint slides and show up to class on time when we are too lazy to even attend. They either deal with our grouchy attitudes at 8:30 a.m. or...

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