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CCE students face problems across campus

JuJu Holton poses for a portrait with their child AmariKEM, in the Continuing College Education lounge in Mary Hobbs on Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 20, 2017. CCE students have heard rumors that the program might be ending.//Photo by Abigail Bekele/The Guilfordian

Hannah Shoemaker, News Editor

September 22, 2017

Several current continuing education students have expressed frustration with problems negatively impacting CCE students and rumors that they fear will mean the end of the program. “We had faculty and staff members … come to us and (tell) us that CCE is going to be forced out,” said Amber Echerd,...

Rumors fly after Agor, Bowles leave

Annie Fullwood and Allison DeBusk

February 5, 2016

One semester. Three terminations. Near the end of the fall semester, Guilford College saw major leadership changes. Director of Student Judicial Affairs Sandra Bowles, Assistant Dean of Students Jen Agor and Director of Public Safety Ron Stowe were all let go from their positions in the span of...

“Rumors”: gossip about Guilford’s first production of the 2013–2014 season

Anthony Harrison, Opinion Editor

November 1, 2013

You have arrived at a dinner party and find the host has shot himself in the head. How do you react? If your first thought is, “What will the tennis club think of me?” then you might be a character in “Rumors.” A farce by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Neil Simon, “Rumors” details...

False rumors call into question administrative policies

Casey Horgan and Catherine Schurz

September 28, 2012

Rumors abound at Guilford College: undercover cops at The Pines, a snitch living rent-free in Hodgins Retreat, and Campus Life bringing drug dogs into Bryan Hall and falsely naming them “bedbug-sniffing dogs.” Students cite a tension among themselves, Public Safety officers and the administration,...