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Meeting sets stage for changes

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Finn Williamson, Senior Writer

March 16, 2018

With the Guilford Edge set to shake up Guilford, the Board of Trustees met on Feb. 23 and 24 to discuss the progress and implementation of the Edge, as well as the developments of other Guilford projects and committees. “I am pleased to share that the Board of Trustees has officially endorsed the ...

Guilford Edge set to shake up schedule

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Finn Williamson, Senior Writer

January 26, 2018

Through the development and implementation of a new program called the Guilford Edge, faculty members and the senior team are working to create a better experience for students. This year, President Jane Fernandes made the Guilford Edge a priority. “We are privileged, in this pivotal year, to...

Many methods in place to up retention

From the beginning of fall semester 2014 and the beginning of spring semester 2016, 19% of the first-year class left. That number jumped to 26% this year.

DaeQuan Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

February 19, 2016

Every year, Guilford College brings in new students from many different backgrounds. However, getting people to enroll at the school seems like the easy part when put against keeping them here. During the last school year, the College lost 94 first-year students from the fall and spring semester....

SPC focuses on priorities, implementing programs

Harris Billings, Staff Writer

February 19, 2016

Last year, the board of trustees laid out what they believed to be the most critical issues facing Guilford College — mainly issues involving enrollment and retention. These became Guilford’s 10 strategic priorities. Now, with a new semester underway, many are finding it difficult to measure how...

Petition criticizes use of funds for athletics

Quinn Johnson, Staff Writer

November 13, 2015

A recent petition has sent waves throughout the community, causing students to take sides. Supporters of the petition argue that Guilford College’s athletics programs are “bloated” and receive too much funding compared to other academic programs. The petition was written on Oct. 23 and gained...

Use synergy to build learning opportunities

José Oliva, Staff Writer

October 30, 2015

This article is part of series highlighting synergy at Guilford and areas where we need to grow as an institution. In the midst of a financial crisis, low enrollment and low retention, Guilford needs to collaborate now more than ever. Everybody at the school plays an important role as President Jane F...

Transfer talk amongst first-years shows lack of fulfillment within community

Transfer talk amongst first-years shows lack of fulfillment within community

Ian Penny, Staff Writer

February 21, 2014

You might have heard the grumbling. Someone in your life at Guilford has probably talked openly about transferring, especially if you are a first-year student like me. While I am not bothered too much by the comments themselves, they do indicate something boiling under the surface — I think...