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Carrie Kahn NPR Journalist As Witness Multimedia Workshop and Conference

Carrie Kahn gives talk on Latin America

Roman Raies, Staff Writer March 23, 2018

“Pay attention to what’s going on in Mexico,” said NPR International Correspondent Carrie Kahn, who is based in Mexico City, Mexico. “I think it’s important, the desertion of the U.S. from Latin...

Photojournalist shares his experience in Washington

Praveena Somasundaram, Features Editor March 16, 2018

“My father didn’t really engage the topic of Cuba on a larger scale, but we knew that it was a special place to my dad,” said Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images News staff photographer. “And we knew...

Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership gains limited national backing

Amol Garg, Staff Writer April 10, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the triumph of President Obama’s economic agenda. In discussion since 2005, this negotiation incorporates Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New...

Republicans victorious in 2014, can easily take 2016 if willing to make sacrifices

Landon Fried, Staff Writer November 21, 2014

Republicans captured massive victories in the midterm elections, burying Democratic candidates in key congressional races. If the GOP plays its cards right, the party will roll that success straight...

Now females of all ages can ‘resort to Plan B’ and other emergency contraceptives

Christianna Van Dalsen, Staff Writer April 19, 2013

On April 5, Judge Edward R. Korman declared that the Food and Drug Administration must make the morning-after pill accessible for females of all ages, prescription or not. This ruling overturned a decision...

Obama’s 2013 Inaugural Address, Interpreted

Anney Bolgiano, Staff Writer February 8, 2013

To what extent do words matter? This was a question many Americans asked after President Obama’s second inaugural address, delivered on January 20. The speech celebrated the U.S. and its history,...

News in Brief

News in Brief

Catherine Schurz, World and Nation Section Editor December 7, 2012

France Studies show the sperm count in France has decreased by 32 percent over the past 17 years. Scientists theorize that this decline may lead to a dangerously low sperm count in French males and...

World weighs in on President Obama’s victory

Bryan Dooley, Senior Writer November 16, 2012

President Barack Obama’s Nov. 6 re-election was a monumental  world event, accompanied by a wide range of positive and negative global reactions. “I don’t think there is one ‘world’ opinion...

Guilford gauges election outcomes, reflects on campaign

McCaffrey Blaunder, Staff Writer November 16, 2012

The mood on campus was tense Tuesday night as the election results rolled in. All eyes watched The Grill’s TV screens; each fluctuation in percentages and electoral points was greeted by the sharp intake...

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