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Close gubernatorial race in NC heats up

Sonia McLamb, Staff Writer October 22, 2016

A neck and neck election is happening this year between a moderate Democrat and a Republican who has been doubling down on controversial issues and rhetoric over the past few months. However, this refers...

Citizens unite to protest against House Bill 2

Citizens unite to protest against House Bill 2

Mae Wood, Staff Writer September 16, 2016

This academic year, Guilford College officially updated their bathroom usage policy to state the following: “In keeping with Guilford College’s nondiscrimination policy, it is the intent of Guilford...

Pay attention to policies before primaries

Tessa Wood, Staff Writer February 19, 2016

The Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010, giving millions of Americans access to affordable health insurance. What people do not know is that Massachusetts laid the groundwork for the ACA through...

Guilford County, which includes Guilford College and the city of Greensboro, is located
at the northern end of North Carolina’s 12th Congressional district. District 12 and
district 1 have both been ruled unconstitutional under the 14th amendment. The
districts have been gerrymandered to include a disproportionate amount of people of
color, which minimizes the impact of their votes.

Ruling affects voters in GSO

Ian Penny, World & Nation Editor February 12, 2016

On a map, the 12th Congressional District of North Carolina takes a shape vaguely reminiscent of a dragon, snaking its way north along Interstate 85 from Charlotte to the Piedmont Triad. In the eastern...

Let immigrant children stay in N.C., instead of forcing them to leave

Matthew Jones, Staff Writer September 19, 2014

They come from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. They flee extreme poverty, drug violence and sexual abuse. They have traveled hundreds of miles through sweltering heat and dangerous terrain in search...

McCrory in hot water over Duke’s spill

McCrory in hot water over Duke’s spill

Sukyun Chung, Staff Writer February 28, 2014

“We won’t get fooled again,” said Pat McCrory as he kicked off his 2012 North Carolina gubernatorial campaign. No, we won’t, Governor. “McCrory’s administration is displaying all of the...

McCrory attacks poor, cuts unemployment benefits

McCrory attacks poor, cuts unemployment benefits

Emerson Santiago, Staff Writer February 7, 2014

House Bill Four has been signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory, slashing unemployment benefits and cutting 170,000 unemployed North Carolinians from the program with no hope of receiving federal aid. Justifications...

Out of state? Out of luck: raising tuition on out-of-state students

Anthony Harrison, Staff Writer April 19, 2013

Early in my collegiate career, I attended Appalachian State University. I didn’t do terribly well, but while there, I met some amazing people, some of whom were from Tennessee or Virginia. One of...

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