The Guilfordian

North Carolina redesigns district maps

Cartoon by Christopher perez/the Guilfordian

Hans Oh and Shivam Gandhi

September 29, 2017

Earlier this summer, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that North Carolina’s district maps were unconstitutional, as race was considered in their drawing. The NC General Assembly has released its new redistricting map for state House and Senate districts, for which a trial is expected later this year. NC...

Teachers deserve more respect, money

Aditya Garg, Staff Writer

October 4, 2013

Job description: seeking people willing to accept meager pay, high workloads and constant criticism. In today’s political and social environment, such conditions are all too common for teachers and those entering the education field. Yet they receive virtually no attention. Instead of reform,...

Fears of student divide develop amid budget cuts

Victor Lopez, Staff Writer

March 16, 2012

No one wants to be the proverbial "red-headed stepchild," including those at the Center for Continuing Education, where there has been speculation regarding what the recent cuts in financial aid will mean for in-state students. Some say that CCE might be further distanced from the college due to recent...