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Festival showcases diversity

International Festival Fashion Show

Abigail AbantoHollans and Anna Gamez

April 6, 2018

From the Middle East to Europe, Latin America and Africa, Guilford College’s International Festival provided students and faculty the opportunity to celebrate Guilford’s diversity and learn about a variety of cultures. The International Festival was hosted by the International Club on Wednesday,...

Dance team performs in Frank science center

Dance team performs in Frank science center

Tessa Wood, Staff Writer

April 15, 2016

Picture this: five people brightly dressed in gold and flashy colors with enormous amounts of jewelry on, running around, each with a bedazzled iPhone 6 in hand, franticaly trying to take a selfie with a passed-out guy. This was what watching the Thai dance team was like. Last Friday, April 8,...

International festival celebrates culture

Mara Stern & Aubrey King, Staff Writer & Features Editor

April 15, 2016

Flags waved in the wind, the smell of different foods floated through the air and laughter could be heard across the lawn as students gathered to celebrate culture and countries. The Guilford College International Festival, hosted by the International Club, took place last Friday with flags, food...