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Staff needs to go from neglected to respected

Staff needs to go from neglected to respected

Jenni Camhi, Staff Writer

September 14, 2018

Guilford, like all colleges across the globe, is run by a plethora of contributors. A Guilford education involves guidance and assistance from teachers, coaches and faculty, but the list does not stop there. Living on Guilford’s campus also involves services less acknowledged or even unseen by students. Unfortunately,...

Guilford College outsources housekeeping management

Guilford College Logo

Finn Williamson and Andrew Walker

May 4, 2018

Starting in May, Guilford College will be outsourcing the management of its housekeeping staff, though the College will retain the same housekeeping employees. “In terms of the organization of it, what we’re doing is contracting it out, and all of the individuals that work for us will just be remai...

Housekeeping staff are campus’ unsung heros

Clarence Turpin, Staff Writer

November 30, 2012

Visualize waking up at four in the morning every day to clean bathrooms, dorm lounges and classrooms. It’s a necessary job that many don’t have the gumption for. Luckily, our housekeeping staff does. “To do housekeeping, you have to have a certain amount of fortitude,” said Director of Environmental...