The Guilfordian

Letter to the editor: Renovations

September 7, 2018

Change can be necessary. When Mary Hobbs was falling apart, Guilford spent a year renovating the space, and Hobbs came out looking better than ever. But the changes that are happening now – adding a for-profit coffee shop in the Hut and taking away The Greenleaf Coffee Co-op – are not necessary,...

Guilford alum reads from first book of poems

Anna Bell presented her book, “Ornament,” on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017. Afterward, Bell signs and inscribes the books she sold.//Photo by Eric Xu /The Guilfordian

Finn Williamson, Staff Writer

October 6, 2017

On Thursday, Sept. 28, students, teachers and community members gathered in the Carnegie Room of Hege Library, all excited to hear Guilford alumna Anna Lena Phillips Bell speak. Since attending Guilford, Bell has been an editor at several publications, including the American Scientist magazine. She...

(Re)connecting the Women of Guilford

Louise Baxter '83, Guest Writer

October 24, 2014

If someone asked you to describe what “Women of Guilford” means to you, what would you say? Smart? Creative? Driven? Leader? Trusted? How about all of these and more? In the spring of 2015, alumni, students, faculty, administrators and staff will celebrate everything that makes the Women of Guilford...

Campus debate regarding energy sourcing continues

Amol Garg, Staff Writer

September 5, 2014

To safeguard the environment or to safeguard profits, that is the question. The movement to divest from fossil fuel companies has gained national importance. Nine colleges, 22 municipalities, two counties, two dozen religious groups and 19 foundations have committed to divest from fossil fuel. Guilford...