The Guilfordian

Protestors respond to Trump’s immigration order

DaeQuan Fitzgerald, Sports Editor

February 9, 2017

Three weeks into Donald Trump’s presidency, campaign promises are quickly and controversially becoming policy. The most recent action was an executive order calling for a temporary travel ban on individuals coming to the U.S. from seven countries — Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia...

Golf legend, hero Arnold Palmer passes away

Justin Perdue and Reese Setzer

October 26, 2016

In sports, there are many superstars, legends and heroes. In golf, there was the king: Arnold Palmer. Palmer was one of the most important and special people in golf history. While he is not the greatest golfer of all time, he is perhaps the most important in making the sport what it is today. Sadly,...

Felons should be able to vote after sentences

Nicole Zelniker, Editor-in-Chief

September 22, 2016

Imagine this: you are arrested for a low-level drug crime. You serve a year — maybe several years — in jail. When you finally get out, you find you cannot get a job. You may not be able to get a passport. In many states, if you have a felony charge, you will not be allowed to vote. This is nothi...