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Courtney Gardner ‘18 hugs Vice President Joe Biden during the small student session that happened before the main event. Students of Guilford College’s Political Science department got a chance to meet Jill and Joe Biden before they took the Coliseum stage.// Photos by Abigail Bekele/The Guilfordian

Bryan Series starts off with Jill and Joe Biden at the Coliseum

Mae Wood, Abigail Bekele, and Beatriz Caldas September 22, 2017

“The greatest sin anyone can commit is the abuse of power, and the greatest abuse of power is segregation,” said Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States, at the Greensboro Coliseum...

Education system alienates young migrant workers

Anna Oates, Staff Writer September 13, 2013

Next time you’re at the grocery store, take a moment to think about the farmworkers whose labor bred the fresh produce in front of you. Chances are at least one of the 800,000 children of American’s...

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