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Global economic impact could lead to recession

Dalton Kern, Staff Writer
February 19, 2016
Filed under World & Nation

What do the domino effect and global economics have in common? In the same manner that one Communist nation can politically affect a neighboring government, an economic expansion or contraction in one country can affect the prosperity of another. Economies around the world are so intertwined that you must ...

The cost of global climate change: dollars and natural disasters

June Park, Staff Writer
October 23, 2015
Filed under World & Nation

$1.2 trillion this year. $369 trillion by the end of the next century. The price-tag on climate change is enormous. This May, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration reached a global record of 400 parts per million, the highest it has ever been in history. This summer, Arctic sea ice reached a...

Economic changes okay for China, bad for US

Yahya Salih, Staff Writer
September 18, 2015
Filed under World & Nation

China has long been the fastest growing economy and the most desirable to invest in. Now, as a result of an economic crash, their once amazing economic growth has downgraded. Starting in June, the Chinese stock market dropped over 30 percent. This may seem alarming, but the economy is actually doing ju...

Jeremy Lin, reviving the Knicks & NBA and making history

Jeremy Lin, reviving the Knicks & NBA and making history

Haejin Song, Staff Writer
March 20, 2012
Filed under Sports

May the Best Man Lin. Lincredible. Lin your Face. The headlines are at it again… Linsanity, that is. Fans from all across the nation chant his name, #17 New York Knicks jersey sales are off the charts, and Madison Square Garden is buzzing with the new sensation in town. “MVP, MVP, MVP,” roared...