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Report highlights treatment of faculty

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Hannah Shoemaker, News Editor

March 23, 2018

In the fall 2017 semester, 33.9 percent of Guilford courses were taught by contingent faculty, part-time or full-time faculty members who are not tenured or on the tenure track. This year, the Guilford College chapter of the American Association of University Professors chose to focus on the treatment...

North Carolina compensates victims of eugenic sterilization

North Carolina compensates victims of eugenic sterilization

Lily Lou, Staff Writer

November 7, 2014

Elaine Riddick was raped at age 13.  After giving birth to her son at age 14, in 1968, she was sterilized without her consent. She was only one of 7,600 people forcibly sterilized by the Eugenics Board of North Carolina who the state deemed unfit to have children. Forced sterilization occurred...

Reliance on adjunct labor might have an adverse effect on classes and professors

Alexandra Haridopolos, Staff Writer

April 4, 2014

“We need more awareness that there is a labor problem at Guilford,” said Scott Gibson, a current adjunct professor in the English department who has been at the College since 2010. You may not be able to tell which professors are full-time and which are adjunct. These titles, however, mean very...