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Biggest stories in December, January

Biggest stories in December, January

Ian Penny, World & Nation Editor
December 2, 2016
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For most of December and January, The Guilfordian will take its annual winter hiatus. However, there are plenty of important stories in the United States and around the world that students should keep their eyes on. Here are two big stories to look out for during the break. U.S. politics The bigges...

Rising heat indicates climate collapse

Ian Penny, World & Nation Editor
September 2, 2016
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For much of July, the thermometer at Piedmont Triad International Airport ebbed between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Citizens of Greensboro experienced a slightly warmer than average month. The world as a whole experienced something grimmer. According to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies,...

Teen leads charge against climate change

Nicole Zelniker, World & Nation Editor
December 4, 2015
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After experiencing a disappointing defeat for climate justice, 13-year-old Hallie Turner has decided to keep fighting. “It’s an issue that I’m always going to continue trying to make a difference in,” said Turner in a phone interview with the Miami Herald. “There’s lots of next steps that can be taken.” On Nov. 25, North Carolina ruled ...

The cost of global climate change: dollars and natural disasters

June Park, Staff Writer
October 23, 2015
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$1.2 trillion this year. $369 trillion by the end of the next century. The price-tag on climate change is enormous. This May, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration reached a global record of 400 parts per million, the highest it has ever been in history. This summer, Arctic sea ice reached a...

Address climate change now, or we all pay later

Address climate change now, or we all pay later

Maksym Kosachevskyy, Staff Writer
September 25, 2015
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Climate change. Global warming. The end of the world. A major transformation has already begun and it’s not going to end without a revolution. “I think it’s the greatest threat that we have,” said William Mackin, visiting assistant professor of biology. “Because of climate change, it’s like ...

Organizations abroad and at home act to save environment

Maksym Kosachevskyy, Staff Writer
September 18, 2015
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“The environmental crisis is extremely severe, and the effects could be ominous, threatening decent human survival, in the not very distant future,” said Noam Chomsky, an organizer of the call-to-action movement, in an email interview with The Guilfordian. On Nov. 30, the 2015 United Nations Climate ...

A whirlwind of strange political events has 2015 off to an unexpected start

Beatriz Caldas and Vanessa Madonna
April 3, 2015
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Snowballs in Congress, banning the phrase climate change and grabbing women’s shoulders. What has our country come to? 2015 had barely started and absurd stories involving political happenings already emerged. By gathering information from students and faculty members The Guilfordian came up with...

UN report should encourage more individual action to reduce climate change

Lily Lou, Staff Writer
December 5, 2014
Filed under Opinion

The world is at risk. According to the United Nation’s intergovernmental panel on climate change, the threat is real. Unless preventative action is taken soon, climate change will be irreversible. “In the next 100 years, we’ll see a significantly warmer planet and a significantly higher sea...

New UN report offers stark warning on climate change

New UN report offers stark warning on climate change

Landon Fried, Staff Writer
November 14, 2014
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According to a new report from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the world faces irreversible damages from global warming caused by human activity. “Continued emission of greenhouse gases will cause further warming and long-lasting changes in all components of the climate system,...