2015’s sports video games hit the market

Have you ever bought a product that you had been hyped about for weeks, and when you finally test it out, it turns out to be a mediocre product that definitely was not worth the price? 

Well this is a feeling that many gamers have experienced, especially sports gamers who are hoping that 2015 will be different.

And as the sports video game season rolls around, the latest and greatest titles are ready to be released, bought and (hopefully) enjoyed.

“Madden 16” was the first game of the 2015 sports video game season to roll out. Released on Aug. 25, it was unquestionably an unfinished game.

A player scans the field through the eyes of Cam Newton and unexpectedly finds Ted Ginn Jr. wide open. They throw a pass to him with a clear path to the end zone, when suddenly, an invisible player pulls off a pick-six.

“These recent glitches and bugs will be gone soon enough,” said sophomore Zach Childress. “It is a part of every newly released Madden.”

Even with these bugs and glitches, Electronic Arts Sports brings in great new features with its latest release.

“Some examples are that you can now direct your throw,” said Childress. “You can also choose how you want your receiver to catch the ball, such as an aggressive catch or possession catch.”

EA has put in a lot of work this year to make sure “Madden 16” is not labeled as just a roster update.

Others hope EA will put in that same effort into “FIFA 16,” released on Sept. 22, 2015.

“FIFA” is another EA franchise that is notorious for having game-breaking glitches and bugs.

“‘FIFA 15’ was not a balanced game,” said Early College junior Hunaid Puri.

“There were too many things to abuse in that game and in general, skill was not too relevant.”

Almost every “FIFA” release has had an abusive mechanism, such as lob-through balls in the newest installment.

This year, “FIFA” fans everywhere want major improvements.

“I expect better graphics and ball control,” said first-year Erick Fuentes. “Honestly, I expect better everything, not only from ‘FIFA 16,’ but from every new ‘FIFA.’”

Since EA improved almost every aspect of “Madden,” gamers expect “FIFA” to be the same quality product.

And to round off the video game season, “NBA 2K16” comes out on Sept. 29, 2015.

2K Games has been busy announcing new game modes, features and animations throughout the summer but others are still expecting more.

“I expect ‘NBA 2K16’ to be more elusive,” said junior Daniel Woodruff. “With past releases, player’s actions were predictable based on ratings. You basically knew what you were going to get out of everyone.”

While the new Pro-Am mode and body scans look impressive, almost any NBA 2K fan will agree that they want improvements under the hood.

If 2K Games claims to make the best basketball simulator, it should be as unpredictable as any real basketball game.

2015 looks to be a great year for sports video games. Both the developers at EA Sports and 2K Games have put in a lot of work and are to set release impressive games.

But considering the work and final product, are these games truly worth the hard-earned money?

“No game is worth $60 to me,” said Early College junior Yishak Bililign. “Five new games is equal to the price of one new console; that is absurd.”

In the end, gamers will have to decide, are they willing to spend $60 on these new games or will they wait until the prices become more of a bargain?

It will be up to them.