Staff Editorial: Challenge yourself to participate during your college career

Here’s a piece of Guilfordian wisdom: Quit making googly eyes at the fish tank and present yourself.

The Guilford Undergraduate Symposium has been going for six years now, and though many students participate, there is still so much of Guilford left to be seen.

GUS happens once a year and a fraction of the student body presents, which leaves us wondering: what have you all been up to?

We know that everyone likes to go on Facebook and post about how much time they’ve spent streaming Netflix or looking at Grumpy Cat (because how can you not?). We also know that Reddit is addictive. However, we know what you’re really doing: creating and discovering.

Okay, maybe some of you have really been spending all your time looking at Grumpy Cat pictures, but isn’t life really about the creativity behind the Grumpy Cat memes?

Take this creativity and inspiration to start your own projects, then showcase it. By not offering up your work to this community, you are depriving us of your awesomeness.

College isn’t just a place to go to class and sleep. It’s a place to develop. The only way you can do that is by working on your own outside of class and, as the scientific method dictates, present your findings.

And to those of you who do present, congratulations! But remember, there is always another opportunity to expand your ideas, join together with others and reach out to the larger community outside of the bubble.

You will always have something to offer. Maybe it is your A+ project from class or perhaps your music or your poetry or your data from research methods.  We honestly want to see it.

Guilford has such a unique assortment of amazing and awkward people and that’s what is so great about us. We are a community filled with people with different skills, interests and talents.

GUS is a great first step towards a greater community, blurring the line between student and educator but that second step? That’s on you.