First-year survey results: most feel at home here

Guilford College might be having trouble recruiting students to campus, but 93 percent of first-year students think Guilford is the right choice for them.

In the third week of the semester, all the first-year students completed their first survey of the year about their brief time here at Guilford.

“The academics here are really good, everyone is really friendly (and) the student life is very cool and welcoming,” said first-year Ymani Breedlove.

The subjects of the survey were asked if the students were enjoying Guilford, their courses, their course availability, their advisor’s availability and their residence hall and roommates. They were also asked if they thought Guilford was the right choice for them. Each question had positive responses over the 90 percentile.

However, the survey was not given without reason. This survey is given every year and is meant to help Guilford see what it could improve upon. Similar to previous years, the results were positive again.

“We study the data, look at what the students say and compare it to previous years,” said Barbara Boyette, interim director of the first year experience and assistant academic dean for academic support. “We use it to gauge what are we doing really well, what is working great and what could we change for the better. It gives us a pulse on who our students are and what they are thinking about.”

The survey’s role in deciding improvements has impacted students’ daily lives and the way they view Guilford.

“This environment is one that fosters creativity, individuality and leadership like no other campus can,” said first-year Olivia Winder on the Guilford website.

With another survey coming out this week of the semester, first-year satisfaction will be recalculated.

“I enjoy Guilford because I feel like I belong here,” said first-year Amelia Wellman.

No one has even taken credit for such a positive response, instead crediting the entire college.

“One of the things that makes Guilford great is how collaborative we are,” said Boyette. “We all work together to try to serve the students and to give the students a good experience.”

However, not all students were satisfied. Some complaints focused on first-year English placement, housekeeping and the busy times at the Grill around noon. However, overall, the majority of responses were positive.

“This place is special,” said Morgan Dolak on the Guilford website. “If you are coming to Guilford because you are intellectually curious about learning from the best and learning about the most important things, then you are coming to the right place. The students that come out of this school are going to change the world.”