Robberies and burglaries near campus raise security questions

Two robberies and three burglaries in one night. All within two miles of Guilford College.

On Nov. 1, Greensboro police arrested Eric Jenkins and charged him with the crimes.

The first call to the police came at 10:10 p.m., from Brownstone Lane, to report a burglary. A purse had been stolen.

Five minutes later, another call was made, reporting a robbery on Tower Road. This was followed by another phone call to the police. Jenkins crashed a silver Buick into an ATM at the Bank of America on College Road.

Greensboro police later spotted the Buick, leading to a pursuit by police. The police managed to stop Jenkins at Guilford College Road and Big Tree Way.

Later investigation revealed that Jenkins had also allegedly broken into two homes on Auburndale Road, where Jenkins had stolen the silver Buick.

According to Public Safety, there is no correlation between these robberies and the assault at the North Apartments that occurred in September.

“The man that got arrested in this case was a man that was in his 50’s, and the people who were described as being involved in the assault at the North Apartments were much younger,” said Director of Public Safety Ron Stowe.

One arrest has been made for the assault at the North Apartments, but Greensboro police are still searching for the other attackers.

Despite the recent crimes near Guilford, many students feel safe on campus.

“(Public Safety) responds really quickly whenever you need help,” said first-year Jessica Canar. “My friends live in Binford Hall and I live in Milner Hall. Sometimes I’m at Binford Hall until 2 a.m. and I’m not afraid to walk back (alone).”

However, there are still some improvements to be made.

“Schools in more urban settings have more security than we do at Guilford,” said sophomore Davia Young. “Our only security is a (card) swipe to get into the dorms and a key to get into your room. There’s none of that in the public buildings.”