Miley Cyrus makes a “flowery” comeback

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Singer Miley Cyrus, who is most remembered for her role as Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, recently released a new hit breakup song called “Flowers.”

On Jan. 12, Miley Cyrus released her new song “Flowers,” which quickly became one of the top breakup songs so far this year, reaching the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 on Jan. 24. Almost everyone seems to love the song…except maybe her ex.

When the song was released, people loved its positive message. “Flowers” is about getting over a breakup and practicing self-love, because the only person who can truly love you more than anyone is yourself. Fans also loved the personal meaning behind the song, since Cyrus had a hard breakup with her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, and with this song, it seems she is finally moving on.

It wasn’t even a day after the song was released before people started noticing those hidden jabs that Cyrus put in her song, directed toward Hemsworth. There are several posts about these subtle digs on TikTok. One of the most popular posts theorizes that Cyrus’ song talks back to Bruno Mars’ song “When I Was Your Man.” It is rumored that Hemsworth dedicated the song to Cyrus on their wedding night, and TikTok user @Thruthelatenightt posted clips of both songs where the lyrics respond to each other.

For example:

“Flowers”: “I can buy myself flowers/And I can hold my own hand/ Talk to myself for hours/ I can take myself dancing.”“When I Was Your Man”: “That I should have bought you flowers/ And held your hand/ Should have given you all my hours/When I had the chance/Take you to every party ’cause all you wanted to do was dance.”

Guilford students provided their thoughts on the new song and the comparisons between it and “When I Was Your Man.”

“It’s OK, Bruno Mars is better,” said first-year and education major Karly Smith. “The response is a bit of a letdown, to be honest. I think the song is well deserved, though, and I hope Liam Hemsworth got the point.”

“I really enjoyed the Miley Cyrus song ‘Flowers’ because I like the insight,” said senior and business administration major James Privette. “She proves that she doesn’t have to rely on a man to love herself. Good for her that she is moving past it and getting inspiration from this breakup, and putting it into her song and putting it towards her career.”

Something else that people have pointed out is that Cyrus is wearing a suit in her music video similar to the one Hemsworth wore at the “Avengers: Endgame” premiere. There is a clip of Cyrus being silly at the premiere and pretending to lick him. Fans argue that the clip, featured on @tishtking’s page on TikTok, shows how Hemsworth tried to shut down her personality by telling her, “Can you behave for once?”

The Twitter page @ThePopTingz reported that the house Cyrus used in her music video was supposedly the same house where Hemsworth cheated on her 14 different times. The way Cyrus dances in the house is chaotic and people all over the internet, including @monstyr676 on TikTok, have said it looks similar to Joaquin Phoenix’s dancing in “The Joker,” which supposedly is Hemsworth’s favorite movie.

Recently, fans theorized that one of Hemsworth’s affair partners was Jennifer Lawrence because the dress Cyrus wore in the music video for “Flowers” is similar to the one Lawrence wore to the premiere of “The Hunger Games.”

Not everyone has heard the song, but they do see a change in Cyrus now that she has finally gotten over the breakup.