Fall evokes warm feelings, family traditions for Guilford community


As October comes rolling in, the gradual change in hue of foliage means only one thing. Fall has begun at Guilford college.

‘Tis the season for pumpkin-based everything, loungewear in neutral colors and classic Halloween flicks! The fall season is ushering in a series of changes, including the now-cool weather and the variety of orange, red and yellow items decorating the aisles of stores.

With sweater weather on the horizon, students and staff members have started their preparations through fall-based assignments and fun events, such as Spirit Week, which is slated for next week in honor of Homecoming. There is much to look forward to as many students have begun dressing in their cozy school attire. Red and black sweatshirts and gray sweatpants can be found everywhere on campus.

According to the News and Record, the Greensboro area experienced intense warm temperatures from Sept. 19 through the afternoon of Sept. 22. The heat has made many students—including those who work at the Guilford farm, which sits near the New Garden Friends School—eager for cooler weather.

“The cooler, the better it is for us to harvest the crops,” says Guilford alum and Farm assistant Theo Baker. “I feel like the fall weather makes the farming experience more comfortable for myself and the student workers.”

Despite the lingering heat, Guilford College has kickstarted its transition into the fall season with autumnal festivities. During Spirit Week, Pajama Day will highlight the warmth and comfort of the season. Also, Rachel’s Rose Cottage has begun to advertise its warm apple cider on a mini decorative blackboard that greets students right outside the coffee shop’s entrance.

Baker said that they enjoy the fall season because it marks the end of the year, and the pace of things slows down. 

“It’s the kind of feeling that makes one feel at peace,” Baker said.

The fall season is also a time for students to take in the natural beauty of the College. Sophomore Quentin Miles expressed that he enjoys sitting by the lake to relax and take in the peace and quiet.

“I just like the quality of the weather and how everything is just so naturally beautiful around this time of year,” Miles said.

Despite his excitement for the season, Miles also stated that he gets frustrated with the weather at times because it isn’t consistent: it gets either too hot or too cold. 

Junior Kailee Hughes also expressed annoyance with the inconsistent weather, saying that she especially dislikes the cooler temperatures.

“Anything below 69 degrees is a no for me,” Hughes said.

Aside from her dislike of the cold weather, Hughes said she enjoys the fall fashion that comes along with it. Her go-to outfit is a red and black flannel and boots.

Miles and Hughes also recalled some fond fall memories, which mostly involved family or close loved ones.

Hughes brought up her yearly tradition of watching “Madea’s Halloween,” which happened to be released on her birthday.

Miles reminisced about a different kind of fall family tradition. “I remember my family and I would get a pile of leaves and jump on them just for the fun of it,” he said. “We’d also get pumpkin seeds and cook them. You’re missing out if you haven’t tried them!”