Offending voters won’t score votes

Catherine Schurz (The Guilfordian)

Catherine Schurz (The Guilfordian)

Let’s murder Mexicans and take away women’s rights!

That is what Republican primary candidate Herman Cain believes. At least that is what his recent outrageously offensive comments suggest.

Cain stirred up the ladies on The View by saying there should be a 20-feet tall electric fence placed along the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

That’s right, similar to that of the Nazi regime’s methods of perimeter control, Cain suggested the installment of a high voltage fence inducing the bone-shattering and brain-oozing of Mexican men, women, and children.

“He’s talking about killing illegal immigrants,” said Barbara Walters, a host on The View. “This is not funny.”

And despite Cain’s claim that he was just gunning for laughs, Walters is right. There is nothing funny about murder.

Cain’s statements can only mean he views the life of a Mexican immigrant as being less than that of an unborn child.

Because when he is not pissing television’s icons off with insensitive slips of the tongue, he is campaigning against women and their exorbitant amount of rights.

A recent CNN interview taped Cain saying that abortion should be illegal and not an option for pregnant women, even in cases of rape, incest or if the life of the mother is at risk. Included in his extremist views is the idea that abortion is a part of a racial conspiracy to instigate genocide on black Americans.

So let me get this straight: Cain maintains that abortion should be made a criminal offense because it is a key component to the murder of a specific race?

And Cain said that an electric fence on the border between the U.S. and Mexico would be okay because it will successfully keep a specific race out of our country … by murdering them?

Well color me confused. I do believe that’s a double standard. I was raised to believe that all people — regardless of age, race, gender, what-have-you — are of equal value. American or not, life is a precious thing and I’ll be damned if I have a president who would condone a hierarchy of humans.

But, what is left of his character continues to deteriorate as Cain has now resorted to demoralizing yet another group of people.

The Americans who “Occupy” streets across the country in the name of economic equality have been demonized by a man who wants to be their nation’s leader. Referring to U.S. citizens as “jealous” Americans “playing the victim card” almost certainly cost Cain the votes of those in search of politicians’ support and sympathy for their cause.

He’s really on a roll, isn’t he?

Losing votes from those against the murder of Mexicans. Losing the votes of women who enjoy their right to choose. Losing votes from people who believe in racial equality. And losing votes who believe in economic equality.

And he sure as hell lost a vote from me.

I recognize the Republican Party’s desperation in their search for a winning presidential candidate, but that does not merit the neglect of people’s rights. If the conservatives are presenting a nominee of this insultingly low caliber, I can only imagine what absurdity and slanderous games they will put forth in their 2012 campaign against President Obama.

Dear Republicans, I beg of you, stop insulting the intelligence of the American people. My brain is beginning to feel like electric fence-induced mush.