Yvonne Johnson


(Yes! Weekly)

Yvonne Johnson

Age: 68

Party: Democrat

Lived in Greensboro: 66 years

Incumbent or challenger: Challenger

What is your position on the White Street Landfill?

“I helped close the landfill years ago. (The landfill is) bad for the city, environment, and economic development,” businesses opened up nearby because the landfill was closed. This issue was an “item that really split the city.” Greensboro needs to find a reasonable approach to solid waste, according to Johnson. She prefers converting waste to energy, but said we need “a regional solution until we have proven technology for converting waste to energy.”

What is your plan for economic progress in Greensboro?

The city needs a long range plan, not only for economic development, but for a number of things, and it “needs to be a partnership.” The city council has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce and the Piedmont Triad Partnership already.

How do you plan to reach out to college students to get them more involved with civic life?

There is currently a new initiative with college student that involves an internship with council people. “(I would like to) involve them in think-tank projects where we have issues and they can give ideas and solutions.”

What changes do you want to see in the city during your time in office?

“I would like to see job growth and to really do something creative, imaginative, and meaningful for small and medium sized businesses.” In addition, we should work towards more “stability in council meetings” and move speakers of the floor — citizens who come to speak at council meetings — back to the beginning of the meetings. Johnson would like to see a “sustainability plan be accepted and adopted to help us save money.” She also wants to see “more support for the fire and police departments.”