Nancy Vaughan

(Yes! Weekly)

(Yes! Weekly)

Nancy Vaughan

Age: 50

Party: Unaffiliated

Lived in Greensboro: 23 years

Incumbent or challenger: Challenger

What is your position on the White Street Landfill?

“Ten years ago I voted to close the landfill,” said Vaughan, and she will not vote to reopen the landfill. She was refused from the discussion about the landfill and said that Greensboro withdrew their proposal because she was allowed to vote.

What is your plan for economic progress in Greensboro?

We need to “find a way to foster small businesses” through a “targeted loan pool,” because people don’t have access to capital. We also need to limit regulations and “give business licenses.”

How do you plan to reach out to college students to get them more involved with civic life?

“College students have a responsibility to get involved in civic life like I did when I was in college.” The council should create opportunities for college students to get involved, but college students “should (also) create their own opportunities.”

What changes do you want to see in the city during your time in office?

Vaughan would like Greensboro to “be more prosperous” and to see more development as well as to “maintain our quality of life and improve it.”