The Guilfordian’s guide to sports movies that are enjoyable for both sexes

You know the scenario. It’s a rainy Friday night. You and your significant other decide to stay in with a nice bottle of wine and some DVDs. She wants a romantic comedy. You want to watch the latest high school football flick.
What to do?
No worries, The Guilfordian is here to help with a guide to those sports films with something for every movie watcher.
For the high school flashback fan: “Varsity Blues”
It’s a little dated and quite cheesy, but this film, featuring James Van Der Beek in his usual good-hearted school hero role, is the perfect combination of the intensity of Texas football and high school drama.
And guys, please don’t say you would mind a romantic subplot when it includes the infamous ice cream sundae scene.
For the North Carolina native: “Bull Durham”
Susan Sarandon plays Annie, a baseball fan of sorts who has an affair with a different minor league player each season to provide them with “inspiration.” Sports fans can revel in the difficulty and personal motivation baseball players experience in order to be called up to “the show,” while Kevin Costner in baseball pants can entice most females into watching this local classic. \
Also, be on the lookout for glimpses of Greensboro. According to, the team stops at local fast food favorite, Beef Burger on Lee Street, and included in the shot is the UNCG water tower.
For the humane treatment of gophers and comedy fans: “Caddyshack”
If the person you are watching with does not appreciate Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield or Chevy Chase, you really do not need to be associating with them. Seriously.
This movie offers every brand of comedy possible along with the competitive feel of not only golf, but also man versus nature. Not to mention the gopher is kind of adorable.
For fans of those infamous lines, “You had me at hello” and “Show me the money!”: “Jerry Maguire”
The sports fan can learn the inner workings of agents and the financial side of football while the non-sports fan can appreciate the sensitive side of Tom Cruise and ponder how much the human head really weighs.
Both viewers can finally see the origin of those lines people quote over and over and over.
For the person who cries at every movie: “Remember the Titans”
The waterworks will turn on for even the most jaded sports movie fan with this one. Set in the 1960s, Denzel Washington breaks down racial barriers on his football team and single-handedly brings a whole community together with his maverick yet effective coaching techniques.
It has well-shot and believable game scenes (complete with dancing warm-ups) and a bunch of other plotlines to keep the non-sports fan interested. Definitely a classic.
And finally, the film that nearly every viewer can appreciate: “Field of Dreams”
Hands down, the best sports movie of all time. Don’t even try to argue against that. Classic baseball icons, a heartbreaking and inspiring storyline, and Kevin Costner once again intensely passionate about America’s favorite pastime.
It won’t even matter to the non-fan that this film is immersed in sport. Its plot and characters are so moving that they will be converted to the love of sports movies.
Trust me.