Indonesian police use snake as scare tactic

In a bizarre incident which is now going viral, police in Papua a province of Indonesia, used a snake to draw a confession from a man accused of stealing mobile phones.

In the video, the man is shown fully restrained by Indonesian officers during his investigation. The suspect was seen screaming while repeatedly asked questions about the crime he committed, and it appears as if the policeman thought as if the tactic was funny due to the suspect being scared.

Authorities also threatened to let the snake down the throat of the man and down his pants as well, if the suspect did not answer the questions regarding his misdemeanor.

Authorities in Indonesia are known for their force and their exaggerated punishment for suspects who commit crimes. It is uncommon for police authorities to face disciplinary actions for abuse.

“It is completely wrong,” said first-year Matt Porreca. “Based on my knowledge and being a part of the U.S. governmental system, the man is a human being like everyone else and doesn’t deserve that behavior.”

Facing pressure from the public, the local chief of police required the policemen that in the video to apologize for their actions. The chief states that the actions of the police unprofessional and did agree that the officers were trying to use the snake as a non-violent tactic to bring out a confession from the suspect.

“Something had to be done about it. I don’t know how they handle things in Indonesia, but everyone has rights, and they took advantage of that,” said second-year Chance Townsend.

According to research by the Indonesian Legal Roundtable, Indonesia’s rule of law index is five, under the minimum score of six. This means that the rule of law, which is essential to the protection of human rights, is not fully implemented in Indonesia.

The policemen defended themselves saying that the snake was non-venomous. However, snakes of all varieties pose a danger to humans.

“I believe the officers should be fired. Unfortunately, we can’t stop the man from being arrested, but that’s not right,” said senior Carson Long.

The man was still arrested for his crime, but the media highlighted the abuse of his human rights, giving him strong public support.