News in Brief

On April 23, France became the 14th country to legalize gay marriage. The bill passed Parliament with a clear majority in a 331–225 vote, despite divided support and organized protesting from thousands among the French public. Lawmakers claim the first gay wedding could be as early as June.

Washington, DC, USA
Ricin, a toxin derived from castor beans and has no known antidote, was found in letters mailed directly to President Obama, Senator Roger Wicker and Mississippi Justice Court Judge Sadie Holland.  The politicians and judge were not harmed, but Mississippi resident and Elvis impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis was charged with sending a threat to a president. However, charges were dropped April 23.

The former method of correcting “lazy eye syndrome,” or amblyophia, by covering one eye to improve the other is known as “patching.” Now, scientists in Canada are using a cure that proves more effective: Tetris. The classic video game forces both eyes to work together and strengthens sight.

Two Mexican immigrants, living and working in the U.S. illegally, were injured in a car accident and sought medical attention in an Iowan hospital. Upon learning of their citizenship status, the hospital did not treat the men but instead airlifted the men to Mexico without consulting state or Federal courts.