News in Brief


Since November,  Wales has recorded at least 765 cases of Swansea measles, 77 of which resulted in critical hospitalization. Health officials believe the epidemic has yet to reach its peak, and governments urge the citizens of Wales and England to receive at least one dose of the vaccination immediately.


Iran’s largest earthquake in 40 years shook the country along its border with Pakistan. The quake, measured on Tuesday to have a 7.8 magnitude, was 50 miles south-east of the city of Khash, but killed people 1,500 miles away in New Delhi. So far, 38 people are reported dead and at least 80 injured.



The much-anticipated immigration bill was released by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday and is the beginning of a bipartisan reform debate.  Within the bill is a stipulation that allows for provisional legal status to those who illegally immigrated before December 31, 2011. Under the bill, full citizenship and the federal benefits it entails would not be granted for a decade or longer.


For the first time in its 77 years, the winner of the Masters Golf Tournament is an Australian native.  Adam Scott, 32, skillfully dominated the Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday and triumphed over Angel Cabrera. Scott finished with a score of 279, 9 under par.