News in Brief


Facing a recession that has not been this severe since the 1970s, Portugal is instituting a significant tax increase in an attempt to decrease the country’s debt. One of the new stipulations will be the income tax raising from 9.8 percent to 11.8 percent. Various concerns are stewing.


Pennsylvania, U.S.

Judge Simpson of the Commonwealth court struck down the Pennsylvania Voter ID laws that inhibited an estimated 1 million Pennsylvanians from voting. The judge was asked to rule based on voters’ ability to acquire the necessary identification in time for Election Day. The answer was a clear and direct “No.”



Syria has issued multiple attacks on Turkey, killing dozens of people, and wounding more than double that, with mortar attacks and suicide bombings in Aleppo. Turkey has now begun retaliation.

Hong Kong, China

At least 25 people were killed in a collision of two ferries near Lamma Island. The sunken ferry instigated a search and rescue mission that is still in progress.


PARIS, France

Dozens of women protested topless under the Louvre in Paris. The activists were making a statement in opposition to the recent rape of a Tunisian woman who was charged by police with indecency and told she dressed too provocatively, thus implying that “she was asking for it (sexual assault).”