News in Brief

Puerto Rico

On Nov. 6, Puerto Rican voters upheld their status as a U.S. unincorporated territory via referenda, for the third time. Citizens of the territory were given the option of statehood, independence or free association. Should they opt out of their current status in the future, the U.S. Congress and President would hold the authority for a final decision.


Thousands of Kuwait Madhya Pradesh Tribals, Islamists, youth groups and liberals were flooded with smoke bombs and tear gas by Kuwaiti security forces while protesting existing election laws. A second, larger rally is planned for Nov. 11, the 50th anniversary of Kuwait’s constitution. Election Day is scheduled for Dec. 1.

Istanbul, Turkey
Kurdish prisoners were blasted with water cannons and sprayed with tear gas by Istanbul police. The prisoners were on a hunger strike at the time of attack. Doctors warn that the strikers will begin to die of starvation within the next week.
The French have committed to support Lebanon as the Middle Eastern country battles its Syrian opposition. French President François Hollande vows to be an active and positive force in the region, naming stabilization the primary objective.