Staff Editorial: Serendipitous Seven Weeks (or maybe something along the lines of “finishing spring semester strong”)

As Guilford enters week eight of our twelve-week semester, the stress of midterms and finals is more present than ever, and as we move into in-person classes, the stress of waking up on time is stronger than ever too. While some professors have chosen to remain out of the classroom, we must all continue to do our part in following COVID-19 guidelines across campus.

Some resources available to students include Guided Discovery and the Learning Commons, which can help you out if you find yourself struggling with assignments or time management during a time of final projects and research papers. Now that we are in phase three of COVID-19 restrictions, students have access to the InterLibrary Loan system (ILL), which acquires books across the country and lends them to students for research purposes.

Remember to take breaks while studying or even when doing homework so as not to overwhelm yourself with a multitude of information. There are many activities available both on and off campus that students and members of the community can enjoy, such as hiking through the Guilford woods or other trails and finding secret spots, watching the ducks and turtles by the lake or signing up for Serendipity, which is happening later this month. 

You heard right. Guilford’s most popular spring festival, Serendipity, is fast approaching. During this festival, students have a unique opportunity to present any talent during Lakefest, an event showcasing Guilford’s performers and artists. If you would prefer to work the event instead, you have the option to sign up through the Buzz.

Again, even though there are some exciting events coming up quickly, we have to continue to do our part and follow safety guidelines, even as restrictions become more lenient. Social distancing and mask wearing allow us the opportunity to enjoy these activities, and the more we remember this, the safer our community will be as a whole.

Applications for student housing have been sent out, so make sure to find students who you would be interested in living with. Whether you choose to live with friends or meet someone new, remember to have a conversation about where you might be interested in living. Any questions can be directed to Residential Education & Housing. 

Stay safe, and remember to start preparing for finals; they will be here before you know it.