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News In Brief

Nicole Zelniker, World & Nation Editor

November 13, 2015

Australia The Australian Conservation Foundation challenged an India-backed coal mine on Nov. 9, insisting the mine is a threat to the Great Barrier Reef. The project, which is  worth $11.6 billion, is based in Queensland, and has been criticized by Australian environmentalists. Many argue that the...

News in Brief

Nicole Zelniker, World & Nation Editor

November 6, 2015

Canada Canada’s recently elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will face a major political decision on whether or not to bail out Bombardier, Inc., a multinational transportation company based in Canada. The government of Quebec has already committed to give $1 billion to Bombardier, and they want...

News in Brief

Nicole Zelniker, World & Nation Editor

October 23, 2015

Japan The first instance of cancer linked to the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi disaster in Japan has been diagnosed in a man who spent a year rebuilding the nuclear power plant. Since the magnitude-9 earthquake triggered a tsunami that devastated the power plant in March 2011, at least three other people...

Eight good things happening in the world

Nicole Zelniker, World & Nation Editor

October 2, 2015

Solomon Islands Earlier this week, scientists exploring the Solomon Islands discovered the first biofluorescent turtle known to man. Biofluorecence, not to be confused with bioluminescence, is the ability to reflect light and re-emit it as a different color. The endangered hawksbill sea turtle joins ...

World & Nation News in Brief

Nicole Zelniker, World & Nation Editor

September 28, 2015

Mozambique After over two decades, countless volunteers and hard work for all involved, Mozambique is finally cleared of land mines. Halo Trust, the company responsible for the mission, became well known 18 years ago when Princess Diana of Wales made it her mission to bring attention to the issue....

European immigration crisis continues

June Park, Staff Writer

September 25, 2015

Thousands are stuck in overcrowded refugee camps with nowhere to go. Conditions are unsanitary, unheated, and inhumane. The refugee crisis in Europe has become a significant international problem that may shatter the fragile bonds of the European Union. Since 2011, the refugee crisis has been getting...

News in brief: Week of 4/24/15

Abe Kenmore, World & Nation Editor

April 24, 2015

Costa Rica Dr. Brian Kubicki, a Minnesotan scientist in Costa Rica, has found a new species of frog that looks remarkably like The Muppet’s host, Kermit the Frog, according to CBC. The frog, which is a species of glass frogs, has large, white eyes and a translucent belly, through which its organs...

News In Brief: Week of 2/13/15

Abe Kenmore, World & Nation Editor

February 13, 2015

Lille, France The ex-head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has denied charges that he was involved in pimping, according to the BBC. He is being charged with obtaining prostitutes for several sex parties in multiple countries. Strauss-Kahn claims that he did not know the wo...

News in Brief

Abe Kenmore, World and Nation Editor

September 5, 2014

ISIS-controlled territory: The Islamic State released a video Tuesday showing the execution of the American journalist, Steven Sotloff, according to The Wall Street Journal. He is the second American journalist in as many weeks to be executed in such a fashion, the other being James Foley, Like Fole...