The Guilfordian

News and Brief: World and Nation

Rishab Revankar, World and Nation Editor

March 8, 2014

Simferopol, Ukraine  According to CNN, Russian President Vladimir Putin is not committed to annexing Ukraine’s Crimea region amidst the unfolding crisis in Ukraine. However, Putin insists on Russia’s right to intervene militarily “as a last resort” and has mobilized sizable troop reinforcements. Meanwh...

Brief updates on tragedies domestic and abroad

Katy Andrews and Anthony Harrison, Staff Writers

May 3, 2013

Boston terrorized by violence On April 15, the Boston Marathon 2013 was interrupted by two separate bombings at the finish line. The attacks, allegedly orchestrated by brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, left three dead and more than 280 injured. On April 18, the brothers also engaged in a s...

News in Brief

Catherine Schurz, World and Nation Section Editor

April 12, 2013

London, UK Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died on April 8 at age 87.  Thatcher was the first female prime minister of the UK, a Conservative Party member and an avid supporter of the free market and individual liberty. Nicknamed the “Iron Lady,” she reigned over Britain for 11 years,...

West Nile virus infects Texas, nearly 800 cases

Allison DeBusk, Staff Writer

August 31, 2012

This summer, residents of Dallas and the surrounding area have been concerned about the rise in West Nile virus. Additionally, they are concerned about the pesticide being sprayed to prevent the virus. The Texas Department of State Health reports 783 human cases of West Nile virus as of Aug. 27....