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The best news of the summer according to Guilford students

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September 22, 2017

Several students have reportedly been avoiding local, national and international news for the past four months. “I’ve stopped paying attention to news,” said Early College senior Joseph Chang....

Summer ’16 made of internships, stories

September 2, 2016

As the school year kicks off once again, our minds roll back to stress-inducing homework, tests, projects and other assignments. The summertime should not be forgotten, though. So how did Guilford students...

Community runs final lap to summer victory

April 29, 2016

Finals. A two-syllable word originating from the Latin word for end. If that’s not intimidating, what is? However, all of Guilford is creeping toward the end of the semester together. You are not...

Vacationing in the great outdoors: The ultimate guide to planning a camping trip

Vacationing in the great outdoors: The ultimate guide to planning a camping trip
April 25, 2014

Imagine this scenario in your head: you’re falling asleep to the sound of crickets chirping under a sky filled with stars. If this excited you, then read on. While most don’t think of camping as...

May showers bring plenty of summer opportunities

May 10, 2013

Summer. School is out. You made it through finals. Time to hit the beach and feel the sand between your toes. Sleep in. Get sunburned by the pool. Although these are vital parts of summer, there is...

Five things to know if you have (or don’t have) your first internship this summer

May 10, 2013

1: If you are not getting credit for your internship, you should get on that. “Students do not always realize they have the option of receiving academic credit for internship work,” said Megan Corkery,...

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