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The future of Serendipity at stake

The future of Serendipity at stake

Landon Fried, Staff Writer

October 3, 2014

Serendipity could disappear due to its biggest threat — itself. Over the years, the springtime festival has turned into arguably the biggest student tradition on Guilford College’s campus. The number of write-ups consistently surpasses that of any other weekend of the year with as many as 73 incidents...

Serendipity 2014

Serendipity 2014

C.J. Green, Gabe Pollak, Ian Penny

April 11, 2014

Time meant nothing. Community meant everything. Serendipity 2014 was a story of convergence and congregation. The events and activities hosted by Guilford College were a mere backdrop for the hodgepodge of tentatively connected people to come together and exist in each other’s company. If nothing...

So, why is Serendipity inside?

Zach Kronisch, senior & CAB serendipity chair

April 4, 2014

Dear Guilford, I am one of the three Serendipity Chairs on the Campus Activities Board who had the honor and privilege of planning and coordinating the annual event. It has been a long, fun and tedious process, as we have been preparing for this weekend for an entire year. When I signed up to be...

CCE Serendipity needs you

Victor Lopez, Senior Writer

April 19, 2013

Sometimes it takes just a little food and laughter to bridge the gap between traditional and CCE students. Now is the chance. Our Spring Awards Carnival, which takes place next to New Garden Hall in the front lawn, is on April 27 and starts at 12 p.m.. CCE students are a little older than the rest...

Illuminating Guilford’s True Colors

Illuminating Guilford’s True Colors

Gabriel Pollak & Kevin Engle, Staff Writers

April 12, 2013

A trumpet blared through plumes of blue and red at Friday’s widely attended Tribute to Holi, kick-starting Serendipity weekend.  Deep bass reverberated throughout campus until early the next morning. Students drifted in and out of the woods with dreamlike expressions on their faces, as if tra...

Serendipity music fills the air

Alex Lindberg, Staff Writer

April 6, 2012

This year’s Serendipity started with a bang — or maybe a thrum — with the Meadowfed dinner on March 29 hosting two local jazz bands. For the entire weekend, most of campus was filled with music. The weekend climaxed with two of the best concerts in recent Serendipity history: the trance and electronic...

Serendipity 2012: shining festival of campus spirit

Serendipity 2012: shining festival of campus spirit

Kate Gibson, Staff Writer

April 6, 2012

Vibrant face paint, dancing bare feet and glitter. So much glitter. It’s got to be Serendipity. This year’s music and merriment festival kicked off with a bountiful feast at the Guilford garden on March 29. Tables dotted the grassy lawns, offering fresh and local foods: a whole hog from Cane...

Staff Editorial: Despite changes, the heart behind Serendipity remains the same


March 30, 2012

The past few years there have been complaints that Serendipity is not what it used to be, but then again, what is? The psychedelic-induced, keg-drinking, marijuana-smoking students that began this age-old tradition were not focused on their inebriation. Serendipity was, and will always be, about...