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Sierra Ashworth, pictured here, will become the new Guilford Student Body Association President in spring 2021.

Sierra Ashworth: the first continuing education GSBA President

Hannah Preston, Staff Writer December 10, 2020

Guilford College Student Body Association (GSBA) President Delaney Taylor is set to graduate at the end of this semester. Former Vice President Sierra Ashworth will be succeeding her. Taylor has been...

Drawn in stark black and white, the large text framing the image reads, Read the student handbooks protest policy. Were all being silenced, if you know it, or not. Below this text was the date (Oct. 5), a time (6 p.m.) and a location (the Quad).

Peaceful Assembly policy angers students

Ramya Krishna, Staff Writer October 31, 2019

On Oct. 5, Guilford students added photos of a poster that had been disseminated around campus, titled “Read the Student Handbook’s Protest Policy,” to their Snapchat stories. There was no identifying...

Christopher Perez/Guilfordian

Policy is a form of oppression for students

Beatriz Caldas , Editor-in-Chief March 23, 2018

A few weeks ago, our community received an email from Todd Clark, vice president of student affairs and dean of students. The email was a confirmation of an “approved assembly” for March 14 on the...

New policy limits students ability to assemble

New policy limits students ability to assemble

Madeline Edwards, Staff Writer March 16, 2018

At the end of the United States Constitution, there are the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting...

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