The Guilfordian

In the wake of Westboro, there is a lesson

The love barrier made during WBC’s recent visit.

Ramya Krishna, Web Editor

December 20, 2019

Large, angry signs, protests at military funerals and online tracts decrying the world’s descent into immorality all construct the outward identity of the Westboro Baptist Church. They refer to themselves as an “Old School Baptist Church,” claiming to adhere to the Five Points of Calvinism. Y...

NFL sportscaster is arrested: will it call for a change in NFL DUI policies?

John Kluepfel, Staff Writer

May 3, 2013

The man who asked, “Do you believe in miracles?” will answer to the judge. Al Michaels, famous sportscaster, was arrested on April 19 for driving under the influence. After making an illegal U-turn, Michaels, 68, slurred his speech when pulled over by police. TMZ reported that Michaels cooperated...

False rumors call into question administrative policies

Casey Horgan and Catherine Schurz

September 28, 2012

Rumors abound at Guilford College: undercover cops at The Pines, a snitch living rent-free in Hodgins Retreat, and Campus Life bringing drug dogs into Bryan Hall and falsely naming them “bedbug-sniffing dogs.” Students cite a tension among themselves, Public Safety officers and the administration,...