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The Dining Hall fails to nourish student-athletes

The Dining Hall fails to nourish student-athletes

Eli Short, Staff Writer

March 15, 2019

Finally, something we’ve all been waiting for: someone to speak out amongst the student body about the Caf, and I am honored to do so. As students, we get asked the big questions on what we think about the Caf. Is it to our liking? Or could it be better? We tend to shy away from our desired opinions...

Gluten-free living at Guilford and beyond

Ali Krantzler, Staff Writer

March 30, 2012

Have you heard your friends talk about their gluten allergy? Gluten itself is a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species like barley and rye. It gives dough its elasticity and helps it rise to maintain its form. Basically, gluten is found in bread products, pastas,...